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During the reign of this Sadasiva?uya; Aliya Ramaraja
who was the son-in-law of Krr.araya, became the protector of
tlxe kingdom. The five Padushahs of Deccan  Alii Adal Shah
of Bijapur, Kutubu Shah of Bidar *, Nizam Shah Baharl. and
two others  who had been paying him tribute, having united
together fought a battle with him at Raksasada-Angadif on the
bank of the Krsiaa and billed him. They plundered Yidya-
nagara, and having made Sadasiva the ruler of the plact, they
departed (to their respective countries). Sadasiva ruled in the
place for some more years,

Katyyat of Sara i L. R, 33, p. S96.

During the reign of Aliya Ramaraja in the year !. S.
Raktaksi, the three Padushahs  All! Adalu Shah Padushah of
Bijapur, Kutubu Shah of Biiaganagar and Nizam Shah Bhairy
of Daulatabad  came with their armies, and destroyed him
with the army in a battle near the confluence of the rivers
Kpsna and MalapaharT. As there was no ruler for six yean,
the people of the village fled in all directions, unable to
endure the tyranny of the palaigars.

Kaifiyat qf fftlulaf ondi :L,S.Ut pp. 163-4,


After his (Acyuta's) death Salakayya Timmaraya became
king. After him came Aliya Ramaraya, who ruled the coun-
try between the rivers Raveri and Narmada. This king
marched from Vijayanagara with a large army, and having
crossed the Krnay he advanced northwards, thereby rousing
the enmity of all the Muhammadans. Therefore, Adal Shah
PadttshSh came upon him with his troops, and slew him by
severing his head.

Krijiyai fffGvIyam : Z. A 34, pp. 47-8.

* Tfcis is dae to tfc ignorance or confusion of the kaijiyaf -writer. It should b&
Katatm Shall of Goliontfa or